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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  February 11, 2016 10:35pm-11:37pm MST

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fr woheretip, ifblundeear right out t b? ot dng iri amicans axpecte t snd 81 millionn valee's gifts for eir hiye is bheay how wew hucmoney. wh w sndg $681 milli a valenne tt doe'tee y diffee beeenco anpoopther oually kn inheovie "ghostbuster w out in they say the world is going to endn day 2016. h isews i hat m a dinr servatio ye yehe ho.ther aooile sotaraso, id theyaskieo whoe thrgh a eatly onehe old longgs fvale atev ty lt bend, te to ithem.
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thoul ever have. y, s still rlth yea ghef edns i sll tik leirlrm racele ordenow a g ts eddyr p ribselfrshlli lik a ttl cacet llegt is tth ma avlae at walgrees.[ ch andppla]>>my:aybe d't gthat.y, d ky iar s birt?s slisbirthday, governoka, turn 52 todo honor he localhird gradered ldsad a litt tribupared raialy. a sld pre it on the sh. sis,ad gentmele
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eee ]>> hievyby. m rapan. isodayy hd you m 2yeolhe lameamm t beee needta t in thte knowta t tut arom mylipt
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amrist, bye-bye!>> jimk you,indsay. thyogo ee appe alri hp downhe ai. spking t antiristhe iden isn.a r w. kn hees i e thur foroga s. a's owouplf aisers, whichhy doe l n mone hesnow h runagai whisngun h m cies? is is g to be sweend. am inow a t mihts ll dri t wk inte. becae 'sbout howt trstrfi goio movreco wearave n't cae any trproblefrom "scand ident fzgerald gran n is hercheers ae fr the greatw ardo the inrruption" o espn, t
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[ chnd appe ]d ale.e familiar thhe thalhe aluza enkied ppl dringunit his even re ibot to xi ntodyn ait i rth.hoht l see his l i >> ts is wthan couche for no ordereducile dettion an h ithe sti s n e .mavernact. foodhroueaute.y calit vitaon betovi c ni tre n wg thcili. es aninma wts a erco. e'oing tother bu the patn! >> jim isnt crund unl puniment applau ]exme, do ha a other m sething arri ellmherson e a intestiern anng bo chat thon night. romouson, jfrey at
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ame that just led abt, cd last man.e g ieo o findingo wonthsuper bowl, indefinite these are sport. the goals to bheasn arth who d knon theuper wl. whhard bso youecoersations, u can't wa y can't go line. we'll speak with jefeyater 's a sswrit. doesnnooon t sur boottsye heoe'tw w wn20.i hope i don'ttt, i rely. e'da l i astiothg. gller: ri mm >>myha yo ve,t'siffio put into word wios romanc of eaapchg sunday w ght id fgo childr whatn additi to thadosa hat
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somedy.and it'when y l sobody ds reayn y le mebo>> wtu ifes ke to in ? ite heen? tople hee>>haan >> theye gross. >> if you're nove want that sulouoon wanin >>haaboutier? y tnk that' aday mt people>>inr?mae.ob iske cker>> art soo
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k thatded edmaitasun. atheho,ho kwsha ha wh m. >> ieyikollhe ti. >>ohaal t >>th m douik gir? yea >> dha a giiend? >> w isab what li a hhafu>>he inyyo aus >> im li herlbut sheea.ha d a hsidehe's b beautifu>> is anye a sc?
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veithe >> ither heer nd shejust beaue hadhairshe wao beauti >> not ryot stymor >>euff? >> lik marry stuymor beingl now.>> tf yre or juw? ustt mome. noteut mn i >>ouodr er>> t d'shat love is? >> y [ er ] cheersppe ] >>im: l rit. thanyou, ds weave to te a b. wh w comho
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llo l the ame e fle ut torrowy tide..ot nintio ov notkibeicveaboups feal,life whetthe . ore ght... kevcoecte t, buy thmsung gala free. buget one fr matr hou out
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righno at& the msunlad hink? anr)d morn
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ndlaus >>mywelc. iroi u nn wamecaurisco scen, ple sayo ffdrzwater how doin>> ieeikehey're to maf met. >> j you l orn her andlareoing toakfun o >>my: neve thvhs >> tse boaes.>> gas,rit.
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gel ght w. myhigamehosttetham ff al sohe wgg w us t g to cleastblga yearto ude out tsam t h pye nd w hlf toee i heoueheasoinwh whe sup wl dome us did wand to d i t. jhi w pyi thimou jne , yo sti not- es thee or no,e does no >>my:no plain e bowlt? >>yeah, panths and brons. >> j you are foo f ral? >>po >>: sports ou kno w the at lftime of thsu? eyonce? >> j: she was oth yeay.don't wave t d a nfroming al:solu faeaid inheewpshi
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ou weig hte spleder >> j: whe lt te yowenlin the >> fnwkosesul ay. j:t ar thees e ga? th you he abide b>> y he t beith arts feeikewould - find o whatesulof ould be. to che inn about e2 hours .ctll --re's actae't lve couny. lve t country youe lly out. if you f all on the hosyt? >> yea >> jimmy: there no way to monitthis. >> ye something sill's absolutely n at ake's no poiying aut it. my in pasyear e somheays o w w theup bowl? gnout o
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er." eviewlinlean athat whe ye sai wonso tnted tlk abo th wife, s dwritsi, her udents her srote hai autheriotsnning.>> jim. ce of agoou t the seaong cioabk y nt w. osog?et what iwas. frien j"a you know whate hck story nth?thev w the super bowl."wny wohave known- if i thoht peytonanning was black maybe it's be . >> jimmy: you still don't know who n in 2 >> no coci fy sn tho ii could p figure i but i foundut stly ng. my: are yo alive i
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i make ar sor t end j: to know won laught ] j for instan, the name oth super bowl xx 12 was pnguillermo's an here totartpeni his shir andrevealing. would yo es? chlause ] w if i coureooki a >> j don'tknow. o, shi th haveptn rieyes od th is. pet taoothe way.why nt telou thisear so ba reree whoctuallyively t sabot usa coupl yrsago, you get sp my: this thest
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ly e life. no it'fun. it goodod sconnect the griev wh the peop w . : what do fliving>> iork fnrganizion callplaywos.we propporestelemtarych for partipateysic pla rece tch and ki e ye aed i f me, 7:30 monday morning,kedf iawhe game. ravens n! >> j: ohose k wellave fun. keep y eye cloanars plug t the the ar. >> thankoo lu
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thank yo yght, fm "p on im for three ridestis from neal. [ cheers applause >> i y ho e ghululyodo it? iru it.>>im: whr fee oour has? >> whnds. i'dinkl onehick arh dreg.immy you mit,njoy >> w h. >> jimmy: can you think of one practicalseor your >>ims. what is it?
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>>then if idoet as theshow>>you take mt enjit ost me. myhi woue harr foou toiv up? gs orhe lette "? egg jmy gs >> eve mning go get the ssa ces oka t. jim yrame auleftidtavaq. outi sgoodrrbi mic hnso shilleweneal. >>immy: you't t q . >>.i le yo jimm >>ovetociroco li'sllouqundvege stight get cove amerest an le 4g lte netwfor half t that's. half get anheesung phones o
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lk, xt ta i bd mo.fiutsthtsw lle ghck gd.teom boave ly gda. t mais cell pho ni. bradouw bike. [goo. why are ys teg was him. it was him. connecrothe wl t u can get $1000en' 2or 2
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he tk stanfohaeadlett anfredoe he fmepeecio ben beef, cesd moh. ..itttba b r ama e itp. ue. 're kingveryurbe
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. [ eers and appus] jmy hi,heweome ck. t, frodon thinterronon ehese fellha wl trer michl lb a [ chee thenly rsld and alr doubg arst, call "ca fm e samsung chee ande ]next wk on tw, daadan f, y ingt, sear
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us mus fris staptoson , tefani mond wit! the sisqo.that iion of at and sisqo. it hadon ths m ght. deite the facat he did no recee en o vott new hashirmaries ts e we, ourfirs gstilben th wteou ts ar afomanyea aft the plays cndn-chie firaldnt in al," isday 9:00 h oc. elcomewyn!eers and ala >>immy:ery goodo syo i'm imesd you were . uerhi mni on " rng amic fm stastime wthat
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>> jmy: go tes n didakve e" me ins accountta 20 thning. jimmy: gma f urs. my: uh-huh >> thee h a tle reaor thextso of nd" ich es decte by ottfoy. jim: ,,ice. whi is n. en so nyngs wen on no i'mhe. >>my: areoudo you goome a g t sleep terthis , wre live tweeting w fanstoni jimmyou do the l twng. yohe etnd wes asts both.then i h lrny lin fo morr we h a tabeady. we nev seecrip befo arthog moow.ia6:00 a.mlme. dot clng t sces bng complelrewritte b we shod have >> jim:tonit? >> i'mot gng to be aw >>im: 's hard tlor for le ts bins i sor
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j: re[ chrs ae ] >>immyta offouoeif u t teeutoupr. cld dpshoanys. >> c reallse at >> jmy: w'evytng wh's ypl for valein y? mploralenne y >>my'vee med ngti ie bn mried lon meso youknowacally, wend bsewe sor goband betw newk a , we'neervalent y. seae actllyl begethay >> jgood. >> so >> jimmy:ter comp wmeth ll celeb jimmyo you brat anng,ing?>> theact after ears -- alys do sethi nice i alwaet flers. buhonely,ust beie t go t dner say, islee'say a'rtuly tet >> 2 y i aveve lg t aost yrs
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li o more ar >> it uld be 30 ar >>immy: say tt a poti way. hoid you meer? >> weet maneao at woerlace caldhe willmswnatestil ic arheer festaln the east as massttias coege.itasy neesigdsores tt tiasorkith ea we met. isy veir yngor i co this guyho immediately frienith said, you got to et thisl, i'm in lov with a like -- s's a runner and i run withmorningnd didn't shoe so ranba. myfr.i idouanots fee oo hesaid , c i
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i sdhat dhe sheou reot he said, i tol h'm from nsth'soweotn qu iaveimy runng oes. wh't y ceit,e wg n. i rit. g uate:00n emorng.e kesutul bolnhey. athi strff r clothnd d ithisnd so i qckake of cls. d right ir her.d my buddy tonys, t ar lhing i'mfr new i'm going inthere, iimingatot havesis! >> jimmy are the wn ever heard of!er ] applause ciem. ow what ying? so yeah >> jimmy:y invitedohe weddg? >> tyasyest man. >> jimmy: oh w, wo [ eerslae >>im: ahdfatr oy rs ugerdis fst so'rstiltfr
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wa tuianyt,our aracr'ove lifs not gogwe >>terrib >>immy you don'tave w a w orfrie. >> or a rliend>> j: i inprriat >>ante both immy: - for tside thestato tind ? d why :'t see wot eith >> he get so ma h >> would b. 'm goi t tal t da. >> jimou go di? >> very .scott'directin one ju start torrow. andn.>> j: iike youuydon thati do wanto k, whe you are g an epise,ho onhe i theosfilto alwith dden you'rector, u'n iffere potiwhoives y tostrbl >> w du think,im?
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re - t pctaljoke t jh ieayayetwi .erson who ge rllyha t ishiton rs a hed. >> jimmy: k shon ally she s teasee meilessly, especllyhei direct. , younow kerr i ough may -- that's soreat but m ife trits way. shs ke, blaah, blah, bl, bl ore doi aescen we tho w wssing likgahh shid,tonyo makou az i'm go be so nice is veryra weir : eitr you guy are all s a rea tht unit or very t lng, i t surhich iis. >> . iallysn't ma we'ike >> jmy:t isst >>t' weind cuic we veangingutth jimmy ery sho eryone hach oer by atpps, righ
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>>t' vgo t you. hopeouet aittl slp.[ ee ala immy "salrsnitst00n to goldwynwel ig bwi "is weekn unnearceorsh d: iof "jmymeve" e gh toou bun d kickstarthreawese thin comd. w. ice. caff.ds d have orage, got jobs tpay a mort, d vegot a br 's ichll be workyou slee ill don't thini've got a b?yothink a 's enough? o'll ste when th tough dot u wanthatkibrain? degree is a ee.
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odor sun go morniht. mng nhing br goor hungeodorni m good morningning.
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a fo99 aonth only at linln dear. pimusic. glad fly made iad u haveo pece tcith'syowaysay. u rht aut fd. hi john. kevin. enthdawiasont. onmo. it's butiful, isit hoabout seballga nt ti?
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bo p eerieesou tlo wit.. ..ouworl ont icesco h, 'r dre...sen in oft skamr. reelbeungrmo stere hung threum pnind00rehee.ngt >>thco to keiiceln, c ass cis stiltoe, bht trsdaniwhs aga ans wk. r eed r not, 's " week nnec peyts yougameourre'll te t re i a c of por fi wtfehehe at m aecse wa tefor bep th a [ bleedhe andbl]e t -- aseekheeep d
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wasxtulh ha.oe hee s ery coiteey needilee ent' y ke bep. yee ae sapo havut u thk]? lotgean ipe.eoendoumotherleepmoth blerer. od ovga. k n, you sae ha b [ b ]. he does. >> fgha y ]mybendliray.[ ee a applae
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. wats herant staith a siconn. and tworkborn thwe cctede and re oplentil ibecalear at nworkas n a f a lurbut banneceit d so, blt nwo storou one at cnecturilfrs. bseev... einmeconnd , home
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at y neeand the peopleoulo. becausu arl ev so are with a tworkthat is nted aeinvente everyday to where you ne i thiss yoetrkthnek of at&t.
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eiysertag ow n thinrrti,"s s th season on en. plseelme trnis d miaewilb.[ ch a >>im: iikeeing yuysth, i l sg om hs al 's l eiend bert, r see thottom parts. ucky i >> j ho here we metpl >>fiouflig it was great.>> jimmy, hat . hate isn tht's worse thate >>t is it to thony? >> iidte 25 years,
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s was ur-pl f for i gusi. no,e' sn m walki on the ncoue toheplane, stpingtaterounsnd th xaxowkehere ti>>im: w. ilchor . >> jmy y never g ove th? iied. i wt teaullyerchl d okhat ur. t t graatxeis isveoton dn'tulyraat [ ht ] hs l7-he tge ont aee pi dt no. hone thatt ea if ahere is afraid of fl, meeting the pot grethg. realis a reg larer. an the goi to get y e. >>my: whf theil a r gu ou tene year ofg fom.>> i'valked off es. >>my: bas on tpilo >>, just some of us -- i have the attean e fear oboa the idges. s frod an
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>>sr >> jimmyandet tt'she most dgerous tng tres. chee a alaus] a y kno e rndidouomo te>> i h s 3s. wasumr interne a oereman eventhen >>ght. intain de ase es on. togr for2 years aington p foresaid you be otevision. whehoug was ajo>>lah im:sewait t si mapir >>hee sunng pn s y ahe sa, oh tseuywod be eat? >>t hedodo, espn a atid nav commrysh, otaveninsh. he ife g thave opi ch h oughtetwoneeded,t uld gt fm the sundayows, theitical shs a opi sho.
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he said t firhi he wa goiofrod ahi lev w tv. theond yre goi o ired. >>my: youe skcal? we weoth eptica i havenhon'ooked like television . th latere cosece saiheseords t on't rze ye uny?" [ laer >>immy: aandsean hiel >> te thfiteaweota ree-ar de twors guaranedd eeathe optnf the twk.and i d, l's te . th'r going fe in theek is i a , tit hadce. i --ovewatc y . istr i couldatchlk and anytngou know atafter isime toget really ghe e's
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y e d redo it. ou mwhou c in yight d therrengs we d d b hink twers ino go forhat. >>: rit.>> intenly pushi ttons.y, do you getngry at each othe in w.then you not fhtinkingut of thestudio. >>nolook forotf wching grdpen gh u ow tt'sn, tt' n. >>mye besten? >> ntnd d geth. op are sho ifheyee id a gf ce tother >>e pylf thescre ou you g don'ache i oldnd hison im:avyo sn ch otr ke th's imptant quesn. loc ro, proba . jmybably >> so. : a impression wa you w wat you ys y, yere talng
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fa a ccer o every teaeis. >> . >>tr. immy lak i th wefelt buhe dce. >> wherever haves, gs, tre's sc lees,st teams in aortnhene e. >> jmy iesm bth ca. yes, micel . >>im iheneou orethi? o - ddeim ye >>did.s ahot-tt ing. edng himhi as leading aeam to th nals n greatting >> jmy ionkn. whate? >>right. bsnt pyelu u. ay plsi y, th hev ous hcr you tosten. >> j: playe tal toou hat doesnfluence kobe yant dn't geth dwight howardhey plaet at la i a that's wd you
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:oueearom at of oplee? ike howard, then you he uncomfortable confrontatns wh op >> you know t of isnt you cromody're a wr, wr for anews at's j iticm. y e, ynow ,ay mngs tesi, y'ret of e .ersrcti himut k and what' wki sot one otheatnal p dog when i ce t primin chill geus. heled th. >> cricizeeoho - >> he klehi kell >>asrilhipkey. supebo pty >>immy d?re mutalngt pball, tel. st he woun't.all kis of s gef wn kelly got fire nte when i tol him i had a eat conversaon withi
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bymaoi thi>> j: th vinteing. wi i cnge t way s ouchiply ithut argeno jmy it wi not. maeou guy an't gng to a basketbaamgeth. itre to ve y gs o yore hen mo a? >>eah.[ ch andus >> the inuponweekt 5:30tern tonespn. ornhser anha rht bk a c
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nct sees iesd saung. dky: jiy mmeliv ncert seess present by saun>>immyo k tool, toornhse mil wi a alogi atn, timeunfounatel ight" ist.
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"knoit-a herwith so "he," assiaara. chee andpplae ] 'm sry i nter i'm notisteni no i'm i ain't s hemynds are i j but ld be allselfnot roomwitheoe whdon'en ce aut mwell-bng doda i t nd su eoyourtyhe sowhe t cne under cloudof marijuan tsboy who'hollering can hardly hear oveth music i don't list tanwa wi you so my
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reh-ohh he oh--ohi myse am inghere ooh-oh oh-o and ti i seem a ltle impressed with thisan anti-cies usually idon't d i know you mea b aouinte aren't to thermeut honi'd rather ewhereh my p canit an ln e meagelikeusy r pl to er t ptso pdomyrs i hopeou'l ndstanitat il be h noerin t kitcn wi theirl ho'slwgoiping abher iend telthem il ere righxt te boy thrg upcawh's more am i
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melat aghere-ohre-oh here caitllcanbreak uttahours r congreting nto the rrigerato girl's tag ouher hashe ainone d it co to neve i'll be hecar when you're done m doffis don't w u're offer d i'm doalking lly ad t thayso tmyple en t reathat r i'mndin by tv with beaw yo i overe oh-here he i ask myself oi herh-ohoh h i can'it tl we c
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if youe y iea h h-if yadth'm rdye ti'm ady if're y his isin >> tons cret. >>he s of kee ynced sexiestlive us deep he junglethe sticalroperteh hisriatur energ so ort zonian a. ery. >>hy he saysfhoul st od mm kimdashn ha ofaow the hasat bg
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f sstssed-onteee sced o viadmi in e s n.he defyiy ipsinhowheid it ir "ghtl" let give thequil li geldgo. hesere ne sen >>t sgt nl l tha gh
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